We achieved GOLD Microsoft competency in DevOps!

We Joyful Craftsmen are happy to announce, that we achieved already 3rd significant milestone in our competency history. Last week we officially became GOLD Microsoft Partner – in the super cool field of DevOps.
It’s an evidence we take our job very seriously and that bringing cutting edge approaches into hands of our customers is our top priority.

However, it wasn’t easy journey. Long time ago (roughly a decade) we came across ACIT idea (automatic and continuous integration testing) bringing pretty heretic idea, at that moment: automate, as much as you can! Since then we could have hardly sleep until we proved we are able to develop and test automatically – as much as we can.

In Joyful Craftsmen we focus on automation and related DevOps processes around Data Solutions (also called DataOps) which is a bit different domain than “classic” application development. And during last few years, we not only established a toolset and processes how to develop, build, deploy Data Solutions smartly, but also introduced rocking approach to Automated Data Testing.

But only perseverance of our engineers towards “automation in data field must be possible, too” brought us to this appraisal. Thus, let me thanks to all my colleagues, who invested many years into their learning, thinking, development, trying, testing, troubleshooting, the thousands different things you experience on automation and DevOps route.

It also would not be possible without our customers, who trust Joyful Craftsmen is the right partner to boost value of their own data. Thus, let me send big thank you to all Joyful Craftsmen colleagues and all our partners and customers. Without you this would never be possible.

Now, we are proved to be one of the best DevOps/DataOps companies in Europe.

Tomas Tucek


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