How to setup portable Tabular Editor

I had discussion lately with some friends working with SSAS Tabular. I was pointing out Tabular Editor of course as a best tool. But they were complaining they are not able to use Tabular Editor due to the fact they are not allowed to install MSI. And when using portable exe file from ZIP it has references to AMO dll, which are as well not part of their computer and they cannot install AMO MSI as well.

As I’m facing same issue in my work environment, I guess there might be more people interested in this simple solution. So here is a short blog describing it step by step.

Let’s say you want to download latest build 2.8.2. So you go into this link and download zip file.

Kudos to Daniel not only for the product but he keeps well maintained change log of Tabular Editor on github, so briefly look into log and you find following information:

When you go to the link marked above you can download correct nuget package which contains amo libs we need. Below is a page of nuget package.

For those who do not know, the trick is following -> Nuget file is at the end ZIP file with some metadata. So next step is to rename nuget file to zip file and extract it.

Then just go to .\lib\net45 subfolder and copy dll files to the folder where you have tabulareditor.exe extracted. This is how content of .\lib\net45 folder looks like and what to copy:

And that’s it. You have now tabular editor working on your computer without installation. This is how the content of final folder looks like:

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  • Thank you Roman for the tip! New to Tabular Editor and stuck at simple installation with missing DLL. This saved my time! Appreciate the easy to follow and clear instruction.

  • Lorents Nord-Varhaug
    30. 10. 2020 7:55

    Thanks a lot, Roman! You saved my day! 🙂


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