Data Engineers Wanted

New projects are still coming and with them we need to constantly expand our team. Everyone will apply in what they are great for and learn what they would like to know. And if you grow up in this or that, it doesn’t matter, especially if you enjoy it!

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Business Culture

We create Business Intelligence with people we like. We love to make fun all the time, to spend some time out of the office, to support each other in every way. Just to be more friends than colleagues.

Careers Values


One For All,
All For One

One of our priorities is to have the best possible teams that are expert enough to exceed customer expectations. Team synergy and cooperation is what we rule the most.


Sharing Is Caring

Our Tech Lunch is the best way how to share tips & news about data. We are also co-founders of the largest community Czech PASS, which is open to all professionals and enthusiasts of Microsoft Data Platform.


Development Is The Key

Self-education is one of the basic principles of JC, the only way we can supply our customers with the best. We will give you time and budget for your development. A lot.


It’s All About The Joy

The joy of work is not the only thing we live for. We are a bunch of different characters, but the one that unites us the most is humor. We just love to laugh and make jokes.

Everybody’s Worthy

Nobody’s perfect and we like it. Every person in the office is so unique with a different knowledge, skills and technology level, but everybody’s matter for us. More brains are better than one!

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