About Us

We Love Data Engineering

We are full stack experts in Microsoft Data Platform. We have real-life hands-on experience with all trending data technologies like Azure Data Factory, Synapse Analytics, Power BI, Purview, SQL Database and others. We constantly learn new features and tune our practices therefore you continuously improve, test, and implement new data innovations. Daily.

Data Team As a Service

We always act as a unit. Teamwork and mutual support is the cornerstone of our work.  Sooner or later we become you. Means we form for you the future data engineering team you always wanted, but never even hoped for. Just try it!

Future is About Data

And why all that? So you and your mates could seemlessly use your preciously collected data in your everyday decision making, while trusting every single figure you see. We, like nobody else, care about data collection and presentation quality and efficiency. Just smartly.

We love data. Do you?

At Joyful Craftsmen we are truly passionate about our core principles, culture, continuous learning and innovation.

We are dedicated to data engineering excellence. How many times you got promised, thus hoped for data, but got none? Customer success is the cornerstone of our daily mindset.

Additionally there are still plenty of patterns and practices, well-established in the classic software industry, that yet need to be pioneered in the future data engineering field!

That’s our challenge we love to live!

Tomáš Tuček, CEO